09/07/21 // 13:20 [M.S.T.]

nearly one month later. My God, What Have I Done?
mantaining this site comes in like phases for me
sometimes i really wanna work on this site but others. i forget this even exists

16/6/21 // 20:31

ALSO yesterday i customised the font of my laptop lole...
ms gothic rocks i like the pixel thing it does. Yknow

16/6/21 // 20:27

kitbogas vids are so funny oh my god
my yt recommended is just scammer vids but im not complainin

15/6/21 // 21:13

14/6/21 // 20:47

when the text colours are somsnosa!

11/6/21 // 18:40

im gonna have to update a lot of this ahhhawhhe

12/5/21 // 17:44

have a whole comic cast planned out but i wont lift a finger to draw them out
im gonna get nowhere with this

30/4/21 // 20:17

ohh boy now to do the dreaded home page... ive been putting this off for too long
i have LITERALLY no excuse not to all the other pages are up and running arghhhh

30/4/21 // 17:31


30/4/21 // 17:03

default blue html color my beloved
it goes so well with the theme i have goin on here

28/4/21 // 1:36

get it up keeps coming up on spotify autoplay i HATE it here

28/4/21 // 1:34

they dont know that the colors here are based off of bill wurtzes q&a page. They Will Never Know

27/4/21 // 2:00

fuckin dreading making the home page

27/4/21 // 1:47

its not instagram but this journal still works preeetty well

27/4/21 // 1:47


27/4/21 // 1:46

hmm. migght change the background of this page back to a dull grey