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call me mortis, they/he. this here place is my garbage dump. [lights cigarette]

not to be one of those people who claim that modern social media is kinda garbage.. but theyve kindaaaa got a point

ive always been one of those people who go to the display settings of a website and use every possible theme that i can. as you can tell i am a Raging Madman

anyway! so when i heard of neocities for the first time, i was elated at being able to make a website that was really mine and host my webcomics and art on without having to use different platforms.

so here i am.

its kinda a dumpster fire of html and stylesheets that i poured propane and aerosol cans into so be warned some pages might not work very well just yet
enjoy your stay!

pst. this site looks wayy better on mobile if your device is turned landscape


>06.5.21-- finally came up with a home page layout i like lol
>literally the whole month of april was me playing around w/ layouts, nothin much
>12.4.21-- neocities account created.